Holidays got you down?

Get off that couch!

Welcome to pre-season 2014! What are your fitneess goals for next year? Now is your chance to stay ahead of the holiday curve and leverage this time to your advantage. It takes 4-6 weeks to create a foundation if you're new to exercise. If you're experienced, 4 weeks is one full phase of periodization. Move through that time now and hit the ground running come New Year.

Holiday Special

Train Me

Right now get a personalized program for only $100. This includes an initial consult, motivation and email/txt/phone accessibility through the month followed by an end of year check-in and progress report.

Private Training - SF/Oak/Berkeley

Train Me
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  2. Single Session $115

  3. Ten 50 Minute Sessions: $950

  4. Twenty 50 Minute Sessions: $1700

  5. Buddy Training Available

  6. Online Training Available

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