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Diet is a loaded word. Instead, think about it as a long-term sustainable lifestyle, not a restrictive plan that will expire and leave you frustrated and metabolically rebounding. Pair good nutrition with exercise and body composition will take care of itself. Eat adequate healthy carbs, protein and fat. Include lots of green vegetables. Drink water. Rest and recover from your work week and your workouts. The goal is to feel energized and healthy. Form follows function - aim to be the healthiest version of you. The following is a list of strategies that I have appreciated over the years. One-size-doesn't-fit-all: find *your *way.

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Simple Nutrition Strategies To Shift Body Composition

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  2. Limit Carbohydrates at Night

    An old school trick is to limit carbohydrate intake at night - this prevents energy from carbs being stored as fat. Eat carbs during the day, to support your most energy intense activities, and limit them when you slow down.

  3. Carb Cycling

    Carb cycling is another old school strategy. Rotate through high, medium and low carb days. This will shift up your metabolism and keep it guessing. It prevents you from living in a permanent deficit and slowing down your metabolism.

  4. Intermittent Fasting (IF)

    IF has gotten a lot of press lately and has some impressive health benefits. It does not work for everyone! Give it a test run to see if it's for you. A simple version is to stop eating at 3 pm on 2 non-consecutive days per week.

  5. Macronutrient Ratios

    The Zone ratio: 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat works well for me. This ratio eliminated cravings and gave me great energy. Consume more carbs if you are very active. We all have different metabolic needs - find the ratio that works for you.

  6. Mindfulness

    Stay present with yourself and your experience with food. Eat more slowly. Observe what you are feeling and tasting. This is a great long term plan. Enjoy the experience. Do one thing at a time - sit down for meals away from TV or other distractions.

  7. The Middle Road

    This is the hardest and most effective long term plan. Variety and moderation. Recognize that extreme food plans are culturally glorified and they are often not as successful as they claim. A little bit of everything, not too much of anything...

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